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Teeth whitening in San Diego

Dental office in 92117
Dental office in 92117

Many people experience some kind of tooth discoloration or even stains on their teeth at some point in their lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, tooth discoloration is not caused by poor oral hygiene or tobacco use alone. There are plenty of common, everyday foods that can make your teeth look different over time and even simply getting older can cause a change in the appearance of your tooth enamel. Here at Hurst Dental Care, however, we can provide you with a solution. Here at our dental office in 92117, we can provide you with teeth whitening options that will brighten your smile in no time.

When it comes to whitening teeth, many people first want to try something that they can easily acquire at the grocery or drug store. There are plenty of toothpastes and mouthwashes that can help whiten your teeth, but their effects tend to be quite subtle so they will not provide you with the drastic change that you may be looking for. There are kits and gels available that claim to make such a difference, but these kinds of items can be tricky. Some people may find that they have adverse effects to these products, such as allergic reactions or general sensitivity. Others find that results vary from person to person. People have different teeth that are formed differently and shaped differently, and ultimately have different amounts of discoloration or staining, so results may differ greatly. Ultimately, however, these over the counter whitening kits cannot get rid of all kinds of tooth stains, but a professional teeth bleaching here at Hurst Dental Care can. Our dentist can provide you with a custom teeth whitening session here at our dental office in 92117 that will administer the exact amount of whitening your teeth need in order to see the results that you want.

If you want whiter teeth then do not wait any longer. Call us here at Hurst Dental Care to schedule an appointment for your teeth whitening session, whether you want it completed here or if you want to make a mold for a custom bleaching tray that you can bring home. Simply call our dental office in 92117 today.

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