Dentist Clairemont

Dentist Clairemont

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If you want to have the look of your smile improved, you may want to come to our dental practice for teeth whitening. At our dental practice, Hurst Dental Care, our dentist Clairemont will be able to provide you with teeth bleaching which will give you a whiter and brighter smile.

When you come to our dental practice for teeth bleaching, you will be seen by one of our two expert dentists, either Dr. Stephen T. Hurst or Dr. Bridget M. Hurst. Dental bleaching is a cosmetic dental process which will greatly improve the overall look of your smile, at a cost-effective price. Tooth whitening will reduce discoloration and staining, or simply provide you with whiter and brighter teeth. During teeth bleaching, staining is removed and you’re left with a whiter and brighter smile. Since teeth naturally yellow with age, having your teeth bleached will possibly even make you look younger. Teeth bleaching can be performed either at our dental practice, or at home with a custom-made tray. Our dentist will be able to discuss with you which type of teeth whitening method will work best for you. In either event you will have a smile that is many shades whiter, and which will once again give you confidence in the way your smile looks. If you have a special event coming up, and want to have a quicker and more dramatic improvement to the whiteness of your smile, you may choose to have in-office teeth whitening. Our dentist Clairemont will also review your individual smile situation to make sure that you do not have any situations that will need to be addressed after you have your teeth whitened. For example, if you have tooth-colored fillings on front teeth, they may need to be redone after the teeth whitening. This is because the teeth whitening solutions only work on natural tooth enamel and will have no effect on porcelain or composite dental materials.

To meet with our dentist Clairemont to see how you can receive a whiter and brighter smile, simply make an appointment with our office today.

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