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Oral Exam in San Diego

Dentist in San Diego
Dentist in San Diego

Good dental health takes the active participation of both the patient and a concerned high quality dental practice. Our dentist in San Diego, Hurst Dental Care has been serving the community for 45 years through two generations of Hurst family dentists. Our practice provides general, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry that is geared to the whole family.

The comprehensive oral exam by our dentist in San Diego is important because our doctor will check on the state and structure of your mouth, bite, teeth, look for signs of decay or gum disease, as well signs of oral cancer and other oral diseases that are current or developing. Our doctor will also perform a radiograph examination and then have a conversation with all our patients concerning their overall health, family history and any concerns they might have as well as the findings of the exam and any recommended treatments in full detail. Our practice believes that their best ally in fighting poor oral health and preserving teeth and gums is an educated patient who will actively participate in their own dental care. We recommend that all patients undergo a comprehensive examination annually to check on the state of their teeth and gums as well as any restorations they may have because a lot can happen over a year inside the mouth.

Our dentist in San Diego also recommends regular professional prophylactic cleanings. These are extremely important to help keep teeth and gums free of plaque, debris and tartar which can cause tooth decay and cavities, and gum diseases such as gingivitis. Daily brush and flossing at home cannot always clean away all the buildup from hard to reach areas of the mouth like between teeth and along the gum line or in the back of the mouth. Please give our office a call and see what a caring, compassionate dental staff can do to help your family preserve their oral health.

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