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Emergency Dentist San Diego CA

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Toothache in San Diego CA

Emergency Dentist San Diego CA
Emergency Dentist San Diego CA

If you have a toothache, you should be evaluated by a professional emergency dentist San Diego CA as soon as possible. Toothaches can indicate any number of problems ranging from minor to severe. Even a minor condition should be checked because it can progress to a serious one rather quickly.

Toothaches can be caused by many different things; however, you should always contact an emergency dentist San Diego CA even if it seems minor. The professional dentist will evaluate you and will be able to find the root cause and treat it. Cavities and tooth decay are some common causes. A cavity is a hole in a tooth that can grow bigger over time that is caused when a tooth decays (or breaks down). This happens when bacteria in the mouth make acids that combine with plaque and eat away at the tooth enamel. Tooth decay needs to be treated right away because over time it causes cavities, tooth pain (toothaches) and could lead to infection. Depending on the severity, cavities are commonly treated with fillings, crowns or root canals. Gum disease is another common cause of tooth pain. In the early stages of gum disease; gingivitis, regular cleanings are usually recommended for treatment. Deep cleanings, called scaling and root planing would be done after the regular cleanings if necessary. If the disease has progressed to the advanced stages then periodontal surgery, such as pocket reduction surgery, may be recommended. Some diseases of the jaw can also cause toothache like symptoms. TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) is a common jaw joint disease that can cause ear pain, jaw pain as well as toothache like symptoms. One common treatment for TMJ is a mouth guard that the patient wears while he or she sleeps.
If you have a toothache, all our office right now so you can see our experienced emergency dentist San Diego CA right away. We will get you in to see our dentist as soon as possible.

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