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Implants in San Diego

San Diego best dentist
San Diego best dentist

Dental implants are safe, effective, cosmetically appealing. They look, feel, and perform just like real teeth. Those are all good reasons to opt for them here at Hurst Dental Care, where you can depend on expert and experienced care in the placement of them.

Implants consist of a post made from titanium that is put in to your jaw surgically, and a tooth-colored crown that is cemented to the top of it. Truly, it’s quite simple. The process requires that you have healthy gums and that your jaw bone is strong and thick enough to hold the post and fuse with it. What if it isn’t? Well, bone grafting is available, and that augments your jaw so that you can still take advantage of implants from our San Diego best dentist. When the post is put in, there is a waiting period of a few months as your jaw tissue grows around the post. When the two are fused, you are ready for stage two. Our San Diego best dentist takes impressions that are sent to the dental lab. They make your crown to specification so that it will fit perfectly. The completed implant lets you speak, laugh, and chew with total confidence. You can eat all of your favorite foods, even the crunchy ones. Floss between the implant and your other teeth as you would normally. You may even end up forgetting which is the implant and which are your natural teeth. In some ways, an implant is superior to your own teeth. It is not subject to decay or cavities, and it won’t need root canal under any circumstances. Best of all, with proper care you can get a lifetime of use from an implant.

Come in to see our San Diego best dentist. Decide if implants are the right choice for you. Call us now to set up an appointment.

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