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Dental bridges in San Diego

San Diego dentist
San Diego dentist

If you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, then you should visit us at Hurst Dental Care. At our dental practice, our San Diego dentist, Dr. Steven T. Hurst or Dr. Bridget M. Hurst, can provide you with dental implants or dental bridges.

Dental bridges can be either be fixed or removable. A fixed dental bridge has a crown replacement tooth that is supported on both sides by a dental crown which is permanently attached to the adjacent tooth on either side. This makes the dental bridge extremely secure, and the patient is able to eat anything they want in total comfort. The dental bridge will also perfectly color-match the adjacent teeth so no one will ever know that you have a dental bridge in your mouth. Dental bridges can also be removable. Removable dental bridges are also called partial or full dentures. Full dentures replace a full row of teeth while partial dentures are made to work around certain remaining permanent teeth. However, these partial dentures will help to keep the remaining permanent teeth healthy as they will keep these teeth from moving around while you chew. Our dentist will make sure that your new dentures are not only attractive, but that they fit precisely well, and that they are fully-functional. Some patients choose to have dental bridges supported by dental implants so that they are completely secure in your mouth. Our San Diego dentist will talk to you about your particular tooth loss situation and let you know which type of treatment option will work best for you. Today, there are several different ways that patients can have missing teeth replaced, so it is always worthwhile to explore which treatment option is the best in your particular case.

For an appointment to meet with our San Diego dentist to get dental bridges or dental implants, contact us today.

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